B2B Selling Platform

Travel companies enjoy the privilege of access to lowest consolidated airfares from 900+ airlines across 72 countries on Parto CRS’s unique B2B platform.
Parto CRS B2B presents advanced Fare Matrix, facilitating simplified & faster way of selecting airfares. It cuts down the time consuming process of manually searching for the airline details. Users can filter the flight search through multiple filter options. Travel agents can source more comprehensive information on flights through simplified & detailed flight itinerary, speeding up the flight selection process. The option to keep the selected airfares in a cart & reconsider later, streamlines the fare selection process further with simplified booking details eliminating any possibility of booking error. Global travel agents can enhance their ticketing fulfillment experience through Parto CRS B2B.


  • Full Content available for all our markets and fare type
  • Ancillaries bookable
  • No GDS knowledge requires
  • No GDS cost
  • Multi sign-in available
  • Own Booking management system
  • No IATA Number necessary
  • Free training for your staff
  • Fulfillment only thru our 24/7 ticketing center
  • English/Persian speaking staff for support and general inquires
  • Online payment
  • Support team refunds and re-issue at any time